Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech Pathologists at the disability organisation, Yooralla have commenced protected industrial action after over a year of frustrating negotiations with management.

A range of work bans are in place, and members have agreed to take part in a half day stoppage on Thursday the 13th of November. Therapists plan on taking their stop work to the Yooralla AGM which is also being held on the same day at a Docklands Venue.

“Members haven’t had a pay increase since 2011, and Yooralla have a notable recruitment and retention issue due to better rates of pay in almost every other sector.” said Yooralla organiser, Emma Brelsford.

Yooralla management has offered increases that would further widen the pay gap between Therapists working in disability and those in other comparable sectors.

Following the commencement of industrial action, management improved their offer to include the introduction of a Grade 2, Year 5 increment from mid 2015.

“Our message to Yooralla management is to stop prioritising everything else over your therapy workforce. They are skilled and experienced health professionals and if you don’t pay them better they will be forced to leave the organisation to find other work” concluded Brelsford.