We are UNION. We are VAHPA.

VAHPA members ensure the effective running of our health system as well as ensuring that patients are provided with the best possible service and care. Our members also provide a number of other health related services to our community.

The Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association (VAHPA) is a specialist trade union which promotes and defends the industrial, professional and democratic interests of a growing membership of around 5,000 members working in almost all areas of healthcare in Victoria – in public, community and private healthcare.

As a not-for-profit association that is run by and for members, we encourage all Allied Health Professionals to join and be active in VAHPA.


Our Aims

  • To achieve fairness, equality and opportunity in the workplace and the wider community
  • To promote recognition and respect for the role of Allied Health Professionals in a caring community and a healthy society
  • To create a healthcare system that supports Allied Health Professionals to deliver high-quality care in work that is meaningful and appropriately rewarded
  • To improve the general well-being of Allied Health Professionals and seek a future for our members, families and communities that is equitable and sustainable

Our Focus

  • To build a democratic organisation that delivers services and benefits to members efficiently
  • To organise workplaces so that our members are empowered to achieve their professional objectives and industrial aspirations
  • To win concrete improvements in the pay, conditions and rights of our members
  • To provide leadership on professional issues including standards, innovation, education, funding, policy and legislative reform
  • To form cooperative alliances with professional associations, unions and other organisations in pursuit of our members’ interests

Read about the history of VAHPA and the union movement.

We Defend Your Rights as Allied Health Professionals

  • Decent wages and fair working conditions
  • Secure employment and protection against unfair treatment in the workplace
  • Employment that enables a balance between work and family
  • Safe, secure and healthy workplaces free of harassment or discrimination
  • Join and be represented by your Union and to bargain collectively
  • Easy access to information and representation from your Union in the workplace
  • Democratically appoint Union delegates and health and safety representatives
  • Information and genuine consultation from employers on issues affecting your work
  • Legal, ethical and environmentally sustainable conduct by your employer