Keeping your membership details up to date and accurate allows us to contact you quickly should there be an issue at your work place. It also ensures that your Professional Indemnity Insurance is valid, affording you the protections you’re paying for. It also gives us the information necessary to ensure you’re under the correct membership rate.

Your Membership Portal allows you to keep an eye on how your union is being managed.

Here is what you can do on your Member Portal:

Membership Portal
  • Check your employment and contact details and update them where necessary
  • View your workplace agreement (if applicable)
  • Check and update your payment details
  • Request a Certificate of Currency for your Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Request assistance or support from VAHPA
  • View quarterly management reports, meeting minutes, audit reports, branch finances and relevant disclosures

Please Note: If your activation link has expired or if any problems with using the Member Portal, send us an email to request a new activation link.

View information on Direct Debit payments