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Solidarity makes us strong

We are UNION. We are VAHPA.


The government’s response to the pandemic, and how this impacts you, is changing rapidly. We have compiled information on how to properly manage the situation.

5 reasons to join us

Workplace advice

On workplace issues including underpayment, redundancy, leave entitlements and bullying

Collective bargaining

Negotiating pay and conditions to ensure decent jobs in cooperative and efficient workplaces

Professional indemnity

Insurance coverage at no extra cost to protect you against legal liabilities arising from your work

Policy & advocacy

Representing the professional interests of members in policy, legislation and the broader community

Free legal advice

Professional advice for members on a range of industrial matters and workplace issues

VAHPA is a democratic community of Allied Health Professionals

We are a political organisation.

We work together to ensure that Allied Health jobs are good jobs and that the care we deliver is the best that it can be.

We stand for fairness, equality and for an end to discrimination. We understand that social structures have a profound impact on poverty and wealth. We recognise the significance of class-consciousness. We strive to end all forms of exploitation.

Solidarity makes us strong!

We are UNION. We are VAHPA.

Our campaigns

VAHPA members ensure the effective running of our health system as well as ensuring that patients are provided with the best possible service and care.

VAHPA’s staunch activism, commitment to social justice and grassroots campaigning has continued to achieve strong industrial outcomes for its members in the public, private and community health sectors.

Public sector

Social Justice

Disability, Diagnostic & Primary care

Community health

Latest updates

Episode 5: Protected industrial action
Episode 5: Protected industrial action
In this episode, the VAHPA Voice examines protected industrial action: what is it, what process occurs, and what sorts of actions are typical? Protected industrial occurs during enterprise bargaining. The AEC runs an ano...