Sick leave…

Is your manager insisting on a Medical Certificate when you are sick?

This is a common issues for many Heath Professionals and particularly for members in the public hospital sector.

In recent months there have been reports that managers have been cracking down on the use of statutory declarations as acceptable evidence of illness.

But this is contrary to entitlements under many Enterprise Agreements, including the Public Sector Health (EA) where there is no limitation on the use of statutory declarations.

The VHPA expects your EA to be honoured so please let us know if you are having trouble with demands for evidence when accessing your personal/sick leave.

… and Public Holidays

Are you being ‘forced’ to take Annual Leave when it doesn’t suit?

The VHPA has recently been contacted by members at a range of workplaces who have been advised by their management that their workplace will be closing down for extended periods during Melbourne Cup week and Christmas/New Year and Easter/Anzac week 2014.

Of concern is that staff have been advised that they will be required to take leave during those periods.

While we expect that many staff will welcome the opportunity to take leave during these popular times it is important that staff are aware they cannot be forced to take Annual Leave, even if their workplace is closing down.
Under the terms of many EAs, if you do not want to take leave the onus is on management to provide you suitable alternative duties for the period.

For example, the Public Sector Health Enterprise Agreement EA states that ‘Annual Leave shall be taken at a time determined by agreement between the Employer and the Employee’.

If you do not wish to take Annual Leave at any of the close-down times you should advise your manager as soon as possible.  If you are not satisfied with the response please call VHPA Member Assist – ph 1300 322 917.