VAHPA and the rest of the Australian union movement at Pride March 2016. 

Anyone who has read the VAHPA mission statement or has had anything at all to with us will be acutely aware that “we stand for fairness, equality and for an end to discrimination”. These are not empty words, they are at the heart of all we do and they apply unreservedly to the question of marriage equality.

Those affected by the current discrimination are our brothers and sisters, our friends, our workmates and our neighbours; many VAHPA members and VAHPA employees are part of the LGBTIQ+ community. As a union, and as caring human beings, we stand proudly side-by-side with them in the struggle for equality in all aspects of life, including marriage.

VAHPA understands how demeaning this process is for our LGBTIQ+ comrades and how damaging to health ongoing discrimination can be. VAHPA is therefore determined to play an active role putting this injustice to an end. We need a strong yes vote in this plebiscite so that we can take the next step towards achieving equality for all Australian regardless of their sexual orientation.

This move will strengthen our communities by fostering unity, love, commitment and respect for one-another.

Equality is union business. Join us in the struggle—vote yes for fairness, for diversity and for justice. Vote yes for marriage equality.

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Craig McGregor
Secretary VAHPA