What’s the value of union collective bargaining? More than $9000 a year in your pocket, as well as better conditions and respect for your rights.

According to official figures by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (6310.0 May 2013, ABS), employees in the health care and social assistance industry who are union members earn on average $182 a week more than non-members. That adds up to a whopping pay advantage for the average unionised person in health care of $9464 a year. Pretty good value considering union fees for a full time Health Professional are around only $600 a year.

Of course, these figures mask the fact there are many Health Professionals who are not members of their Union but who benefit from Union-negotiated Enterprise Agreements. It is crucial that the Union reach these potential members so that they garner a better appreciation of where their workplace rights and entitlements come from and join the struggle to ensure that all Health Professionals are respected and properly remunerated.

The more members we have, the stronger and more unified we become. The stronger we are, the better our pay and conditions. Get on board, get your friends on board and let’s make this Union one we can be proud of again!

>> Please encourage a colleague to join in today