In a few weeks time it will be three years since Community Health Professionals last had a pay rise. This is an appalling anniversary the VHIA and Community Health employers should be ashamed about.

The VHPA will be marking the anniversary of 6 November by continuing to fight for Health Professionals. We have devoted extra resources to the campaign and are working hard to achieve a good outcome from each Community Health employer.

By the end of this week the VHPA will have lodged around 25 logs of claims. Already there have been initial negotiation meetings with six different centres and a further four have been booked at the following CHCs:


Our new lanyards for Community Health Professionals are pictured above being worn by our cheerful Organising Support Officer, Lucas Evans.

  • Sunbury
  • MonashLink
  • Nillumbik
  • North Yarra
  • Whitehorse
  • Isis
  • Bellarine
  • Western Region
  • Inner south
  • Banyule

In these meetings the VHPA is seeking an equitable pay rise that provides parity with similar Health Professionals in Community Health with backpay. We are also seeking conditions that help attract and retain HPs in the sector, a different expiry date to the public sector, and improved rights for consultation and dispute resolution.

We continue to be concerned about the latest pay offer that Community Health management has made to the VHPA. The offer is much less than what has been offered (and accepted) by our Dietitian colleagues who are represented by the MSAV.  It would mean VHPA members would end up getting thousands of dollars a year less than their similarly qualified colleagues.

“The pay disparity between the two groups of Community Health employees is one of the main reasons why the VHPA is continuing to campaign for a better deal for our members,” said Linda Jenkin, Lead Organiser.

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