Rally Vic 3 copy

Tens of thousands of people turned out in Melbourne and across the country on 4 March to protest the Coalition government’s attacks on penalty rates, industrial relations legislation, the minimum wage and an array of other worker entitlements.

The Federal Government sanctioned Productivity Commission Issues papers, released earlier in the year, flag these and other changes, and are expected to form the basis for a new workplace relations policy for the Coalition.

The VHPA is deeply opposed to all anti-worker policies and is committed to standing with the rest of the union movement in opposition to these attacks.

It was great to see so many VHPA Members from across the state turn out for the day—congrats by the way to the VHPA member who spoke so well in his interview with the TV news crew! A job well done. It was also terrific to see our comrades from HACSU and MSAV out in strength.