VAHPA is in the process of lodging a Protected Action Ballot application in an effort to bring bargaining at Regional Imaging Gippsland (RIG) to a successful conclusion.

The parties remain some distance apart despite having spent some four months at the bargaining table.

“We find that management struggle with the notion VAHPA is the membership and not a separate entity and that when we say “that offer is not acceptable” it’s the Members actually speaking” said VAHPA Lead Organiser, Linda Jenkin.

Despite our advice that it was not acceptable, RIG management pressed ahead, putting the Agreement out to a vote, which closed last week.

RIG staff delivered a very strong message with a 78% participation rate and 76% voting NO to the offer.

“The current offer provides for a 2% pay rise and a reduction in a number of significant conditions including night shift penalties and spread of hours” said Jenkin “and staff are just not prepared to wear it – you don’t bargain to go backwards!”

“We’d have hoped that this round of bargaining could progress more smoothly” said Jenkin “however VAHPA Members at RIG have been aware that taking action in defence of their conditions was always on the cards.”