VAHPA Members have rejected the latest enterprise agreement offer made by Ramsay Health Care and are quickly moving towards industrial action.

“VAHPA members are committed to their work and are reticent to move towards industrial action. However, the firm belief is that certain conditions are critical to the provision of high quality healthcare and are necessary to ensure that Allied Health jobs are good jobs,” said VAHPA Lead Organiser Linda Jenkin.

Bargaining has been underway for just over three months and, while some progress has been made, a number of key issues remain unresolved—rates of pay and professional development allowances for example.

“Members do not want to see this dispute dragged out unnecessarily and are prepared to take a stand for what is right. They have watched bargaining progress elsewhere such as in the public sector and for Healthe Care for example and know that good outcomes are not simply gifted by benevolent employers; good outcomes are the product of smarts, dedication and genuine solidarity,” concluded Jenkin.

Those who are not yet VAHPA Members are urged to join ASAP. It is vital that management understand how committed and unified their AHPs are.

Casual AHPs…
Many AHPs work casually with Ramsay and a second employer. If this situation is relevant to you, please take the time to check your workplace details with VAHPA (via your Member Portal or give us a call) to make sure you are listed at both employers.

Casual Employees are eligible to vote in the upcoming PABO, however it is important that we have the correct information for you to ensure that you receive your ballot paper.

We expect the Fair Work Commission to issue a listing-date for the PABO over the next couple of days.