Enterprise Agreement workplace meetings starting soon

Things are moving along quickly with your new EA!

As anticipated, drafting was completed on Friday 19 August, and your Agreement has since been sent to the Government for approval before it will go out to ballot.

VAHPA has negotiated with the VHIA for paid time union meetings for all Victorian Allied Health Professionals to explain your new Agreement. Dates, time and locations are being confirmed – we are in the process of negotiating with employers to make these accessible as soon as possible.

These meetings will be during regular working hours, and held either on-site across the Victorian public sector or online via Zoom. These meetings are paid time for all Victorian Allied Health Professionals, members and non-members alike. We are aiming to roll out these meetings out in September.

Check your emails! 

This week or next, you should receive an email from VAHPA titled “Paid Enterprise Agreement Meeting” detailing the specific meeting date, time and location (on-site or via Zoom) for your work area.

We’re working hard to get to as many sites as possible. We are prioritising on-site meetings, however in the case where they are not practicable, we will be arranging a series of online meetings to be scheduled during working hours. 

If you don’t receive an email for your worksite in the next two weeks, we are still in the process of arranging a meeting for your site. 

For non-members 

These union meetings are open to everyone.

For those who are not members, please come along to understand how VAHPA members have fought for your wages and conditions to ensure that Allied Health jobs are good jobs where you can provide exceptional patient care without sacrificing your dignity and wellbeing.

This is an opportunity to understand the improved conditions that will be in place for the next four years and what we need to do in the meantime to ensure your Agreement is enforced and respected.

Regardless of your membership, please encourage ALL your AHP colleagues to attend one of these union meetings. We need everyone engaged and informed about the new Agreement. Each AHP that steps up makes us stronger and solidifies our ability to fight for dignity and respect for all AHPs!