Many Health Professionals in the public sector are still waiting for their pay rise that was due from 1 October.

Under the current Public Health Sector Enterprise Agreement (EA) you should get $17.50 per week or 1.25%, whichever is the greater, effective from your first pay period on or after 1 October 2013.

However VHPA members at several locations, including Melbourne Health and Barwon Health have said they did not receive an increase in their most recent pay (30/09/13 – 12/10/13).

The VHPA is concerned that unless your employer provides back-pay from 1 October, some Health Professionals could miss out on up to 13 days of their increase—a minimum of $33.75, depending on when their pay period starts.

“This is obviously a hang-over from the 2009 Determination (ie the previous Enterprise Agreement) wherein the increase was not due until the ‘first full pay period on or after’ x date. The wording pertaining to wage increases has changed however and this is no longer the case,” said Craig McGregor, VHPA Secretary.

“It would be very disappointing to find that this was a cynical attempt to save a few dollars on the back of the hard work of Health Professionals.”

“Again, it shows how important it is to have carefully worded clauses on pay and other key conditions in Enterprise Agreements. We will seek to have this ambiguity rectified as part of the variation consequent to the Clause 11 Classification Review.”

“Nonetheless, our position is clear. The increase takes effect from 1 October and should be paid on the first payday after 1 October. Calculating the one payment wherein there are two rates, pre-1 October and post-1 October, is no longer the onerous task it once was.”

“Failure to comply with this clause, in our opinion, constitutes a breach of the Agreement.”

“If you didn’t receive your pay-rise in accordance with the wording of the Agreement please let us know and we will raise the issue with the VHIA and your employers,” said Craig McGregor.

>> Please contact VHPA Member Assist – – ph 1300 322 917.