Health Professionals working in the public health sector will soon gain a number of improvements from the long-awaited Clause 11 Classification Review.

The package has been worked, reworked and refined to the point whereby in-principle agreement is extremely close.

The Review package looks set to include:

  • Improvements to HP salary schedules via the development of collective ‘Therapeutic’ and ‘Scientific’ streams;
  • Additional pay points/increments for certain grades most importantly to those at the top of Grade 2;
  • The creation of a Professional Reimbursement Allowance to offset the costs associated with the maintenance of professional currency, education and professional development;
  • More opportunities for the career advancement of Health Professionals and greater levels of expertise through the appointment of 10 Clinical Educators (allocated on a genuine needs basic—5 EFT to metro areas and 5 EFT allocated across rural and regional healthcare networks);
  • The creation of a new structure for Sonographers;
  • The creation of a new structure for Radiation Engineers and Technical Officers;
  • Recognition for Clinical Coders.

“Clearly a great many of the benefits that were promised by the previous HSU leadership are undeliverable—the funding simply isn’t there,” said Craig McGregor, VHPA Secretary.

However we are confident that what has been negotiated will see Health Professionals reap both short and long-term gains.”

“We are very keen to see this deal finalised and look forward to seeing the benefits flow on to members as soon as possible,” said Craig McGregor.