Mass Mtg

Following on from the direction of the VAHPA Mass Meeting last week, Protected Action Ballot Orders (PABO) have today been lodged with the Fair Work Commission.

We anticipate this will be heard by Fair Work later this week and, if approved, referred to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to conduct the ballot.  We will advise as soon as we have exact dates however the close of the VAHPA Membership roll for the ballot is likely mid-next week.

If you want to vote in the ballot – and why wouldn’t you given it’s your Agreement – you need to do two things fairly urgently:

  1. Get your VAHPA Membership organised if you’re not already a Member.
  2. If you are a Member, check that the name used by your Employer and that on your VAHPA Membership is the same so that they match; if you have changed to/from a married name or you use a different version of your name for work, the AEC may not match these up.  This could result in you not receiving ballot papers enabling you to vote.  And if you’ve changed postal address, please let us know; we want the ballot papers to reach you.

If you are a member of VAHPA and employed in the public sector you will receive a detailed PABO information pamphlet in the post later this week. Please read the information carefully.

If you have any questions, please call us on 1300 322 917.  And don’t forget to print off the PABO flyer for your workplace/tea room here

In Unity

The VAHPA Team