arne3wArne Rygg, a Radiation Engineer working at Peter Mac, is somewhat unique among Health Professionals- rather than working directly with people, Arne and his colleagues work to ensure that the medical equipment and technology at Peter Mac is working as it should and running efficiently- a vital role in ensuring patients receive quality and prompt care.

Arne joined the union soon after starting at Peter Mac and at first, he was happy being a member. Although as responsibility in his own role grew, so did his understanding of the importance of the union. As a Senior Engineer and Union Delegate, Arne has been the first point of call for the colleagues he supervises so he has come across a range of workplace issues great and small- knowing that the union is there to support him and the other members in these issues has been of great comfort to him.

Arne has been able to build on his role as delegate through participating in the Level 2 Delegate Training last Saturday. Level 2 Training has helped him understand some of the more technical Industrial Relations language and he has developed a better understanding of his role as a delegate within the union structure.

The training highlighted a range of areas that Arne was not aware the union could support him in- for example, he didn’t realise he could get support to ensure that engineers are consulted in workplace changes not related to the EBA.

Another valuable part of Delegate Training for Arne were the stories and experiences of other delegates which inspired and invigorated his own sense of solidarity with other Health Professionals.

Delegate training has been helped Arne to build a greater understanding of what he can achieve in the workplace for himself and his team. If you would like to participate in training, contact the VHPA today on 1300 322 917 or