This week – 9-15 October – is Podiatry Week, promoting a national awareness of the Podiatry profession and the many ways Podiatrists support the health of Australians.

The 2023 theme is ‘Podiatry, more than you think’. The aim is to enhance what you know, and learn something new about this vital Allied Health profession.

– Podiatrists treat more than just foot issues. Podiatrist interventions can also assist with issues in other parts of the body including the knee, ankle and lower limb. In fact, Podiatrists also assist with the management of whole body diseases such as diabetes. 

– Podiatrists not only assist with the management of disorders but also diagnose disorders

– Podiatrists can prescribe medications as an Endorsed Prescriber

– Podiatrists can order radiological imaging

– Podiatrists treat people of any age, not just older people

– Podiatrists can administer local anaesthetic drugs and perform minor surgical procedures

– Podiatrists can prescribe and make orthotic devices

– Podiatrists work across all areas of the health sector, including in hospitals, community health, private practice, rural and remote outreach clinics and in people’s homes.

This Podiatry Week, VAHPA would like to thank our Podiatry members for their support and for the important work they do to improve the health of Australians.

VAHPA provides support to our Podiatrist members in a range of ways including via free workplace advice, free professional indemnity insurance, free initial legal advice, advocacy, early career discounts and collective bargaining.  

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Further information and source: Australian Podiatry Association