If you have been experiencing unfair and potentially unlawful restrictions on your access to personal leave, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Intervention by the VHPA recently succeeded in getting management at Melbourne Health to back-down on moves to restrict the use of Statutory Declarations as evidence for accessing paid personal leave.

This is a very positive result and is testament to the hard work of VHPA members and staff.

No one likes it when they or their family members are sick and they have to take personal leave.

It’s important they have the flexibility to provide statutory declarations as well as medical certificates when accessing the leave.

While we have achieved a good outcome at Melbourne Health, it is highly likely that Health Professionals in other workplaces are also experiencing similar problems accessing personal leave.

Please get in touch with VHPA Member Assist if you are.

“This entitlement is also clearly one we will have to keep an eye on and defend in the next round of negotiations over the Public Sector Health Agreement,” said Craig McGregor, VHPA Secretary.