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Personal Leave Squeeze Effects HPs

13 Oct 2014 | News

The VHPA has received a number of reports in recent weeks from members working in Public and Community health that personal leave (which includes both sick leave and carers leave) is only being credited on their employment anniversary date. This means some Health Professionals have been left struggling under the impression they have very little leave available when, in fact, their accrued leave is being improperly withheld.
With very few exceptions, Health Professionals working in the Public and Community health sectors are entitled to have personal leave accrue pro-rata, progressively during a year of service. That is, unless you have used a portion of your accrued entitlement during that pay cycle, your accrued personal leave balance should be seen to increase on each successive pay slip.
If your pay slip doesn’t show that your personal leave balance is increasing over time, your employer may be calculating your entitlement incorrectly. If this is happening in your workplace, please contact us on 1300 322 917 or via info@vahpa.asn.au. We can help you to make sure your employer properly credits your personal leave, ensuring the leave you have earned through your hard work is available when you need it.