Did you know?

Podiatrists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists are being paid less than Dietitians, Audiologists and Psychologists who work with them side by side in Community Health.

They have not had a pay rise for almost three years and they have missed out on professional development and improvements to career pathways in that time.

Now they are being offered a miserly increase that would see them fall even further behind colleagues who are covered by a separate, more favourable Enterprise Agreement.

We don’t begrudge the pay and conditions of Dietitians, Audiologists and Psychologists; but this is blatantly unfair.

Patients will also lose out as a lack of appropriate rewards for the skills of all Community Health Professionals will exacerbate the problem of retaining quality carers.

The VHPA is currently planning a series of workplace-based activities to draw attention to these issues and it would be great if Health Professionals from other sectors could get involved.  

It might be a morning or afternoon tea or a lunchtime BBQ.

If you think you may be able to attend a Community Health workplace event in your area, please email us indicating your home and/or work suburb and what times you would be most likely to be able to attend an event.

We can then link you up with your closest Community Health Centre and let you know what is happening there and when.

“We have received many messages of support from HP’s across the state in relation to Community Health and even a quick visit to show your solidarity would be GREATLY appreciated by these Members,” said Linda Jenkin, Lead Organiser.

“The fight has been long and it’s not over yet – they need to know that they don’t stand alone.”


>> Please email us if you can attend a Community Health event or want further info about the campaign – or phone 1300 322 917