VHPA Members were shocked to find themselves insulted by the National Secretary of the Union, Kathy Jackson, on Tuesday.

In an extraordinary move Jackson told reporters “I think, you know, the idiots out there, that are, you know, got their placards, are the ones that are, you know, part of the cover up.”

The bizarre incident took place on the steps of the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday in the aftermath of Thomson’s sentencing.

One of those to come under attack was locked-out HIS member John Condliffe.

“I am pretty shocked to be honest. I thought we were on the same side,” exclaimed Condliffe.

“Jackson was aggressive and insulting,” continued Condliffe.

“I’ve never seen a Union official, let alone a National Secretary, treat their own members with such contempt.”

Jackson’s tirade shocked many, including seasoned journalists.

“Where were they, where were they when we took these allegations to the police?” she asked reporters.

“What they were doing was throwing bombs at Marco and I and the national executive and people like Kate Wilkinson here. Here they are today with their placards, making out that they’re part of the, you know, part of the solution, when they’re not.”

Jackson’s attack drew a staunch response from Branch Secretary Craig McGregor.

“VHPA members work long and hard for the betterment of society. There is absolutely no excuse for Jackson’s behaviour.”

“Our members are entitled to express their anger at the former National Secretary and what they see as a sluggish justice system.”

“If Ms Jackson wants to have a mature and constructive conversation about the Union, questions of governance or the ongoing investigations I am happy to oblige her. But I will not stand by and watch her hurl abuse and accuse rank and file members of being part of some cover up,” said McGregor.