Members are being advised to reject another attempt by management of Healthe Care to push through a sub-standard Enterprise Agreement (EA) in the ballot being held this week.

The EA negotiations at Healthe Care have been underway for the past few months with the Union working with workplace delegates to get the best possible outcome for Members.

After lodging a dispute with the Fair Work Commission, Healthe Care management were directed to hold at least two meetings with HSU Health Professionals representatives.  This was clearly an improvement on the process to that point and resulted in improvements in the Agreement in a number of key conditions including:

  • Consultation with Staff
  • Misconduct and Underperformance
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Parental, Annual Leave & Personal/Carer’s Leave

However the major outstanding issue is the low level of the pay rise on offer from Healthe Care which is just 2.5% in October 2013 & 2014 and 3% in October 2015 and well below recent outcomes by other Health Professionals. Healthe Care management have also have reneged on an agreement to let staff access long service leave after ten years of service.

The Union will be holding further meetings at Healthe Care soon. It is not too late to join in and help contribute to a better pay outcome in your EA.  Please contact Emma Brelsford, Organiser ph 9341 3340 or email

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