As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, Epworth management is playing hardball in its response to the log of claims that was recently presented by the VHPA.

In the last fortnight we have held meetings at Epworth Camberwell, Hawthorn, Box Hill, Brighton and Richmond to discuss management’s response and gather feedback from staff.

The next negotiation meeting with the VHPA and management is scheduled for this Thursday 14 November.

Management have indicated previously they’ll be putting a pay offer on the table at the meeting, as well as coming back to finalise a response to a few items on your log of claims.

The Union and Delegates will then call members to discuss the package put forward by management, so please expect a call from us in the near future.

>> This is a crucial time for the Epworth EA campaign, so please encourage your colleagues to get involved or to join the VHPA if they are not already a member.