Health professionals working in the public and community health sectors (and in some private health workplaces) who ordinarily work from Monday – Friday, but not on Easter Saturday, are entitled to either pay or time off in lieu of pay (TOIL) for the Easter Saturday public holiday.

Some employers have tried to reduce the scope of this entitlement by arguing that regular part-time employees are not entitled to the holiday pay/TOIL. “This is a blatant rip-off and their claim is simply not true,” said VHPA Assistant Secretary Andrew Hewat, who has worked with VHPA members to address the issue; “in fact, all permanent employees in such a workplace who ordinarily work the five days Monday – Friday and not on Easter Saturday are entitled to the holiday pay or TOIL.”

Employees who have an RDO/ADO during the week/fortnight but otherwise work five days Monday – Friday (and not on Easter Saturday) are also entitled to the holiday pay/TOIL.

If you’re not sure about your Easter Saturday entitlement, or suspect you’ve been underpaid, please contact VHPA member assist on 1300 322 917 or via email: