Dino Image

Fifty inflatable dinosaurs descended on the Royal Children’s Hospital last Tuesday in what turned out to be a dynamic and colourful event for a curious media pack.

The event was organised to highlight the ‘Jurassic’ wage and classification structure that we believe is holding back Allied Health Professionals and the provision of healthcare in Victoria. The event received significant media attention with Channel 9 news, ABC news, The Age, 3AW and others running stories.

For footage of Craig McGregor’s speech at the rally click here

Some 150 VAHPA members rallied in their lunch break to send a strong message to the State Government that their classification structure needs significant changes and that the increasing number of students requiring supervision without an increase in staffing numbers is putting the healthcare of Victorians at risk.

VAHPA members have vowed to wage a campaign to deliver a fair and effective career structure for Allied Health Professionals —a structure that facilitates the provision of high quality clinical education for students and junior Allied Health Professionals and recognises the specialist skills clinicians bring to that role.

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