A mass meeting of Delegates this week means the VHPA’s Community Health campaign will start 2014 with a bang.

Community Health Delegates have been contacted in recent days to invite them to a mass meeting that is being held 6.30pm Thursday 16 January at the VHPA office.

The mass meeting will plan the next steps in the campaign and the strategy for 2014.

It follows the recent Fair Work Commission decision to delay protected industrial action for Community Health (see last week’s HP Update).

“Despite the hot weather that is forecast for Thursday, we are hoping for a good turn out to our wonderfully air-conditioned office.”

“With some Delegates still away on annual leave, you should check if your local Delegate is coming and, if not, make sure you come yourself or send someone else so that as many Centres as possible are represented.”

“It’s essential we maintain the momentum we have generated with this priority Enterprise Agreement campaign,” said Linda Jenkin, VHPA Lead Organiser.

>> For further information or any enquiries please call 1300 322 917