Until recently, the Community Health sector was covered by the Public Health Sector Agreement. However, the stand-alone Community Health centres were separated out from this Agreement by the Baillieu government.

Community Health has long been under-serviced and this formal divorce only intensifies the inequity between the sectors. We must not allow this disparity to crystallise. A two-tiered health care model weakens us all. If we are to retake the industrial and financial ground that we have lost over the past decade we will need to be unified and strong.

We are currently mapping the sector in detail and hope to talk to each and every member in Community Health. We will then seek to engage non-members and foster relations between the various centres. Having done this we will begin to roll out our campaign with the aim of achieving parity in pay and conditions between public hospitals and the Community Health sector.

Community Health is a significant focus for the Union this year. If you want to get involved in the campaign, contact Craig on info@hsuhp.asn.au.