Members in Community Health are being urged to reject a proposed Enterprise Agreement (EA) that would see them become the worst paid Health Professionals in the Australia.

In an attempt to sideline the Union and test the resolve of staff, the EA is being put unilaterally by the VHIA on behalf of management.

It covers ten stand-alone Community Health Centres—Bentleigh Bayside, Castlemaine, Cobaw, Darebin, Gippsland Lakes, Inner East, Knox (now merged with EACH), Merri, Ovens & King & Sunraysia.

Although management is proposing several changes to employment conditions that are beneficial, most would be detrimental to Community Health Professionals.

Importantly however, the meagre pay offer that has been on the table from the outset remains unchanged in management’s proposed EA.

While this is disappointing, it is not unexpected given the previous stubborn refusal of management to improve the pay offer.

“If Community Health Professionals were to accept this low-ball offer they would be agreeing to a deal that would see them paid significantly less than those Health Professionals covered by the HSU-Branch 4 Agreement.”

“It would also mean they would be being paid less than their colleagues in the Victorian public health sector,” said Craig McGregor, VHPA Secretary.

The VHPA is urging Community Health Professionals to VOTE NO and reject the offer.

“Join the Union, ask your colleagues to join the Union; it is time we stood together to demand the respect and remuneration we deserve. We must SAY NO to this insulting offer.”

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