Community Health Professionals are set to become the worst paid Health Professionals in Australia should their agreement offer pass this week. The opportunity to fight for a better pay and conditions can only come if Community Health Professionals vote no (see our article “Vote No”). It can take courage to stand up for your rights and when your resolve is tested, knowing that you have your peers behind you can make all the difference. This is why we are calling for members to get behind Community Health Professionals with messages of support.

Members have already sent in stories of their own experiences:

“You need to fight for an appropriate pay rise because if you agree to a lower rise this will just continue to happen with each year your management trying to make your pay rises even lower & lower.  Management won’t voluntarily give you an appropriate pay rise as it lessens their financial bonus / profits. Poor pay rates will result in poor recruitment and in turn you will be working with staff with inadequate or low skill levels as all the highly skilled/experienced staff will be applying for jobs with better pay. This in turn will reflect poorly in the workplace due poor service. We had the same problem where I work & we fought for many months & finally came to an agreement that suited both parties. You have only yourself and your Union to fight for your rights!” Michelle

And messages of solidarity:

“Stay strong. Don’t let management bully you into an open vote. Say no to their proposal.” Marg

“They are entitled to be paid & recognised for their skills as they are a vital part of each organisation.” Heather

“I support the Community Health Colleagues and will vote no to the Agreement.” Catherine

Let Community Health Professionals know they’re not alone by posting your messages of support below, a message on our Facebook page, or sending us an email here.