As some Members will be aware from our last community health e-mail, we have recently been in negotiations with the VHIA around the timing of the Community Health EA ballot.  The VHPA is keen to see the Agreement certified as soon as possible.

The new ballot timetable as follows:

Element Date
Access period begins – Proposed Agreement provided to staff Friday 6 February (COB)
Staff received ballot papers Monday 16 February
Ballot Opens Monday 16 February @ 12:00 PM
Ballot Closes Friday 20 February @ 12:00 PM
Results provided to the VHIA & VHPA Friday 20 February (COB)
Lodge documentation with Fair Work Wednesday 25 February

Voting Method

We remain committed to a fair, independent and transparent electoral process and had strongly recommended an external provider be used to run an on-line vote.  Unfortunately neither the Act nor your Agreement is prescriptive on this matter hence Employers have a lot of latitude.

The VHIA have provided guidelines to their Members however, if any Member has concerns about aspects of the voting process, please contact us immediately.


Having done so much work to achieve what is a significantly improved Agreement, it is important that all Members understand their new entitlements “If Members don’t understand and enforce their entitlements under any Agreement, then the gains are never fully realised” said VHPA Secretary, Craig McGregor.

The Organising Team plan a roll out of some “Know Your Agreement” Lunch n Learns post the Fair Work approval process.  If you have dates in mind for your Centre, please contact us at

“Members should be very proud of their achievements with this EA both in terms of pay and condition outcomes” said McGregor “the challenge now is for Members and Delegates to regroup and continue building within the sector for the next CHC Agreement in 2017”.