Public sector members are encouraged to support their public sector bargaining team on Tuesday by wearing their Code Blue T-shirts.

Members last wore their campaign t-shirts on 22 December in support of the Code Blue rally. This was a huge success as it saw the campaign get TV news coverage and resulted in the formal commencement of bargaining. The sight of hundreds of members wearing their t-shirts also garnered a great deal of interest in the hospitals and resulted in a growth spurt for VAHPA—increasing our strength and bargaining ability.

Since then, members and non-members alike have been contacting the office asking about a follow up event; we are happy to announce that Tuesday 1 March sees us ramp up the campaign with the launch of t-shirt Tuesday. This is an important part of ensuring we are visible and united in our struggle to progress our Enterprise Agreement and ensure your career structure is a good one, capable of delivering the sort of healthcare Victorian’s so desperately need.

We call on all VAHPA members to take part in this event in a strong show of solidarity across all departments in all public hospitals.

Bargaining for a new Allied Health Professionals EA has been underway since early January. And, while some progress has been made with regards to our log of claims, there are also some worrying signs; in particular we hold concerns about the employers intentions with regards to entitlements you currently have, such as the unlimited use of stat-decs for personal (sick) leave and fair and reasonable restrictions on the use of fixed term contracts. We are also concerned about the employers’ view on 10 hour breaks between shifts.

It’s time for us to show the hospitals that we are united and prepared to struggle for what is fair and right. We must ensure that Allied Health Professional jobs are good and fulfilling jobs and that all Victorian patients are properly cared for.

If you don’t yet have a Code blue campaign t-shirt, get in touch ASAP by calling the office on 1300 322 917


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