First Epworth EA negotiation meeting

The first Epworth EA negotiation meeting was held last week with the VHPA team submitting our log of claims to management.

The log was developed from an extensive survey and meetings with Health Professionals on site.

Top of the list of claims is an appropriate pay rise.  VHPA research found that pay rates at Epworth are not only lower than the public sector and lower than other similarly qualified Epworth staff, but significantly lower than comparable private healthcare providers.

Other key claims include a Professional Development Allowance, pro-rate Long Service Leave after 7 years, 8 bankable hours per month towards TIL, the creation of a new increment at Grade 2 Year 5 and the assertion of Grade 4s in the classification structure.

The Delegates are out there speaking with Health Professionals at Epworth about the importance of joining the VHPA but they need your help to reach everyone.

If you are at Epworth, we encourage you to approach your colleagues with a join form to urgently join the VHPA as part of the current Epworth Enterprise Agreement (EA) campaign.

If we want a chance to achieve successful outcomes then we need more people engaged in the campaign.

If you have any questions please approach your Delegates:

  • Mark Tilley at ERR
  • Sharon Waugh at Richmond Acute
  • Aidan Davey and James Chan at ERC.

For further information about the Epworth campaign, please contact VHPA organiser, Jay Morrison –, ph 1300 322 917.

>> Download  It’s time to join the VHPA