As public sector Members will be aware, one of the benefits to come out of the Clause 11 (Better Structures/Better Care) variation to the Agreement is a new Sonographer Classification structure.

Employees in the public sector, who have successfully completed a Degree or Postgraduate qualification in Sonography recognised by the Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry, and who are eligible for admission to the Register of Accredited Medical Sonographers by ASAR, can be recognised and reclassified as Sonographers as per the Agreement.

The classification structure recognises the time, effort and expertise required to become ASAR accredited and sees qualified Sonographers automatically advance to a minimum of Grade 3.

“Automatic progression from Grade 2 to Grade 3 once qualified makes the current reclassification process unnecessary,” said VHPA Assistant Secretary, Andrew Hewat. “This is a boon for both the Employer and Employee,” noted Hewat.

Further, the new classification affords those Sonographers who have not progressed through the traditional Medical Imaging stream into Sonography workplace protections that are not available in other states. These protections are of significant benefit for all Victorian Sonographers in terms of maintaining fair and reasonable wages.

The new clause also improves the Professional Development allowance available to Sonographers who are currently under a different classification, for example Cardiac Technicians.

If you have questions about whether you are correctly classified please contact the VHPA on 1300 322 917.

An FAQ outlining the new clause can be downloaded on this link.