The VHPA is pleased to report that the “Clause 11” Classification Review amendments to the Public Sector Agreement have now been successfully voted up. I would like to thank all members for their commitment to this process. This is an excellent result for healthcare across Victoria.

The $7.2 million in improvement to wages sees members enjoy:

  • A new increment at the top of Grade 2 for all classifications
  • A once-a-year lump-sum payment of between $150 and $400 for CPD and other costs associated with their profession
  • Time off in lieu (TOIL) for conference leave taken on weekends
  • A new classification for Sonographers
  • A new structure and pay scale for Radiation Engineers
  • A new structure and pay scale for Mechanical Engineers
  • Pay increases back-paid to 19 March 2014
  • Roll out of 11 new Grade 4 Clinical Educator positions

The deal was not easy to achieve and took a great deal of effort to negotiate. However all VHPA members working in the public sector, and all public sector Health Professional employees, will very shortly have access to these much needed entitlements.

The variation to the Agreement will now be processed through the Fair Work Commission and members should receive their back-pay within the next month or so.

Once again, thank you to all members for their input and assistance in achieving this fantastic result.