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The Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association (VAHPA) is seeking a suitably qualified and committed member to fill the role of Ordinary Member on our Branch Committee of Management (BCOM).
Medical Imaging Technologist Tracey Maughan has had to resign from the office of Ordinary Member due to external commitments. Tracey has been a very active member of the committee and it is a great shame to see her leave us—her enthusiasm and energy will be missed.
Filling Casual Vacancies
Casual Vacancies on the Committee of Management (that is, those that occur during the standard 4-year term of office) are filled in one of two ways:
  1. where the unexpired portion of the term of office exceeds three years, by a formal election process conducted by the AEC;
  2. where the unexpired portion of the term of office does not exceed three years, by an expression of interest process, with the outcome determined by a vote of the sitting BCOM.
Open & Democratic
VAHPA is a democratic community of Allied Health Professionals; as such it is vital that our democratic practice is open and transparent. Members are made aware of all casual vacancies (including via email and our website); all financial members have the right to seek a position on the committee. It is your union; throw your hat in the ring!
Expression of Interest
All members interested in taking up office on the committee need to lodge an expression of interest at recruitment@vahpa.asn.au. EOIs don’t need to be exhaustive but should cover the following areas:
  • Industrial relations and bargaining experience;
  • Previous experience with boards and with governance;
  • Past experience with financial management;
  • Views on representative democracy and collective action;
  • Knowledge of the Health Services Union and VAHPA.
EOIs should be no more than 1000 words.
Democratic Appointment
BCOM will give proper consideration to all applications and, in the case that there are more nominees than positions, debate the merits of each candidate before proceeding to a vote. Applications close 23 November 2017. The successful candidate will be notified on 29 November 2017, following BCOM 08_17 (28 Nov 2017).
Important Information
Applicants are advised to acquaint themselves with the Rules of the HSU and with VAHPA’s suite of policies, which can be found on our website. It is also worthwhile taking the time to look through the minutes of both the Branch Committee of Management and the Governance and Finance Committee (GFC), available on your Member Portal.
VAHPA is a democratic community of Allied Health Professionals. We are a political organisation. We work together to ensure that Allied Health jobs are good jobs and that the care we deliver is the best it can be. We stand for fairness, equity and for an end to discrimination. We understand that social structures have a profound impact on poverty and wealth. We recognise the significance of class-consciousness. We strive to end all forms of exploitation.
Solidarity makes us strong.
We are union.
We are VAHPA.