Enterprise bargaining at Lake Imaging Geelong is now underway. The parties have thus far met twice and plan to meet on a regular basis.

Members deserve recognition for their hard work that has seen significant productivity increases over the past three years.

The log of claim includes:

  • 4% increase for salary and allowances
  • Improvements to the Hours of Work clause
  • Improvements to Parental leave entitlement to 10 weeks
  • Inclusion of association fees allowance
  • TOIL to be taken at the equivalent overtime rate
  • Personal Development allowance to be included in the agreement rather than in policy.

“The opening of the Accident and Emergency Department, planned for later this year, will have a significant impact on employees. We must ensure that the work/life imbalance that this creates will be dealt with fairly.” Said Organiser Grant Forsyth.

While membership numbers continues to increase it is important with collective bargaining that everyone is on board, remember, together we bargain divided we beg.

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