October 31 – better known for Halloween – is also Rattle Ya Bones Day, a National Day of Awareness for all muscle, bone, and joint conditions. 

This year’s message is Get informed and Get supported!

With one in three Australians living with a muscle, bone and joint condition, chances are they impact you or someone you know. 

A better understanding of muscle, bone and joint conditions starts with awareness. Join the cause on socials #RattleYaBonesDay.

You can learn more about conditions like arthritis and back pain (and 150+ others), to help you and those you love live well.

Many VAHPA members are vitally involved in the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions.

We salute your outstanding work!

Mark October 31 on your calendar and “Get informed and Get supported”. 

Visit Rattle-Ya-Bones-day to learn more.