Jon Faine’s Morning Program on ABC 774 interviewed a former Australian Red Cross Blood Service worker last week and questioned how the service will maintain the quality of blood without appropriately qualified blood processing staff.

The program placed the restructure under the spotlight again and highlighted concerns that a lack of appropriately qualified Health Professionals will put blood products at risk for the sake of saving money. Many long-term staff have seen their positions downgraded and wages cut. This heavy cost-cutting has prompted concerns that the organisation is preparing to be sold off.

This makes the current EA negotiations crucial to maintaining decent working conditions for Health Professionals at the Red Cross Blood Service. The current EA expires at the end of June and members need to let us know the conditions that are important to them. The survey is open until 3pm Friday April 4. <Click Here> to access the survey.

For any further information about the survey or the current negotiations, contact Jay on 1300 322 917 or talk to your delegate.