We have received a number of calls about Meal Allowances in the Public Sector with some Health Professionals not receiving the allowances they are entitled to. If you’re doing overtime or you’re recalled, you may be entitled to a meal allowance. The Meal Allowance Clause states that, unless the employer provides a meal, employees are paid an allowance of $11.94 when

“a. … overtime in excess of one hour is worked after the usual time of ceasing work for the day; or

b. … recalled to duty outside of usual working hours for a period in excess of two hours, and when the time of such recall coincides with or over-runs normal hospital meal time.”

If this applies to you, check your payslips to ensure you’re receiving the right amount- if you haven’t been paid the entitlement, it may not be the first time you have missed out. Over time, this can represent a significant amount with one VHPA member receiving $323 for unpaid meal allowances over two years.

This specific clause only applies to Public Sector Health Professionals although if you work in the private sector, check your EA as many private sector EAs also have a meal allowance clause in their agreements.

If you’re not receiving your meal allowance when you’re entitled to it, let us know- call on 1300 322 917 or email info@vahpa.asn.au