Portability of entitlements

Recently we have received several queries from members whose employers have refused to recognise their prior service when they have changed jobs.

If this happens to you or someone you know, we can help!  

Subject to certain conditions, if you work as a Health Professional in the public and community sectors you are generally entitled to have your service with certain previous employers recognised when transferring jobs. This may also be the case with employment with some private sector employers.

This means your entitlements — including Personal (Sick and Carers) Leave, Long Service Leave, and in some cases Parental Leave  — are portable and can be carried across to your new job.

Generally, all accrued Personal Leave is transferable within public health, community health and selected private employers. Employees are required, however, to inform their new employer of their accrued leave balance within two weeks of commencing service.

Continuous service with multiple public health, community health and some private sector employers will also generally be recognised when determining eligibility for Long Service Leave. In these circumstances, periods of approved unpaid leave and gaps of less than five weeks (and in some cases more) between service with different employers do not break continuity of service, but do not count towards the total service entitling to Long Service Leave.

Remember though, a Health Professional’s entitlement to have prior service recognised by a new employer will depend on their specific circumstances and the industrial instrument applying in that workplace.

If you would like advice on your specific entitlements, or support to enforce your minimum entitlements please contact Member Assist Organiser, Luke Smeaton, on 1300 322 917 or via email info@vahpa.asn.au.