Are you an Allied Health student looking for work? We’re recruiting Campaign Organisers!

If you’d like to work with VAHPA, we have paid Campaign Organiser positions coming up. These positions are open to Allied Health students during the upcoming Public Sector campaign. 

Campaign Organisers were a key component in the success of our last Public Sector campaign as they allowed us to engage with large numbers of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) quickly.  

The majority of the work will involve calling AHPs in the Public Sector to discuss a range of elements, depending on what stage of the campaign we’re up to. There is also potentially some capacity for on-campus and/or workplace events. 

Training will be provided and there is always a VAHPA Organiser on the shift with the Campaign Organisers. 

Expressions of interest can be submitted via this link.

A reminder that VAHPA Student Membership is free and accessible via the VAHPA website.