VAHPA is seeking relevant Allied Health Professionals to complete its advanced scope of practice survey as a matter of urgency.

The survey flows from an impasse in bargaining for the new public sector Enterprise Agreement and seeks to provide clarification on advanced practice and how clinicians performing advanced scope work should best be classified.

VAHPA has made its position on this issue clear; advanced scope of practice work, as is inherent in the name, is complex and advanced work, often with high level of clinical risk. This is work traditionally done by senior medical people, orthopaedic surgeons and radiologists for instance. Our view is that Allied Health Professionals performing advanced scope of practice work should, consequent to their level of expertise and experience, be properly classified at a Grade 3 or Grade 4 level.

VAHPA is concerned that the employers’ proposals will see Allied Health Professionals performing advanced practice work at a Grade 2 level. This approach raises questions around standards of care and around fair and appropriate remuneration.

In light of this, and a few other crucial issues in dispute, such as fixed-term contracts, it looks increasingly likely that the mass meeting on August 4 will be a stop-work meeting and that industrial action may subsequently escalate. We have also commenced discussions with media outlets regarding the employers’ approach to advanced practice—there is significant media interest around the issue.

VAHPA is seeking mediation in an effort to resolve all outstanding matters between the parties and are hopeful that this will see the conclusion of bargaining. Stay tuned for more information…

If you are engaged in advanced practice please take the time to do our short survey—now! The information we are seeking will assist in resolving the current dispute in a timely and beneficial manner.