Stand up for Climate Action – Students Strike for Climate

Students will be walking out of school once again on March 15 in a stand to tell our politicians to start treating climate change for what it is: a crisis and the biggest threat to our incoming generations.

The organisers of this action are encouraging everyone to attend in support and solidarity. In Victoria, there will be a big action taking place in Melbourne, as well as smaller actions in the regional centres of Ballarat and Geelong. Click through on the links for further details.

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VAHPA, along with several other unions, have formerly endorsed this action. You are encouraged to join the VAHPA contingent at the Melbourne rally. The Melbourne rally will begin at 12 noon at the Old Treasury Building.

If you are based in Geelong or Ballarat, can’t get to Melbourne on March 15 and are still interested in showing your solidarity – get along to your local actions in your VAHPA colours, encourage others in your workplace to do the same and organise local VAHPA contingents. If you don’t have a VAHPA shirt, we have you covered.

Maiysha Moin, 17, Melbourne School Striker:
“What drives me to lead this climate movement is that at the age of 30, when I have kids who are suffering the impacts of climate change, I don’t want to look them in the eye and say that we had the ability to stop this crisis but we didn’t. I want to tell them that we chose what was right, rather than what was easy.” 

Anthony James, 18, Melbourne School Striker:
“When I went to the first strike I had only recently finished my last year 12 exam. I was completely new to the movement. I had done very little activism, very little to bolster climate action forward. But after that day, I looked around and saw thousands of students shouting for something they cared about. But, I could vote, having only recently turned 18, whereas they couldn’t.

No Time for Games

On another related note: Doctors for the Environment Australia are asking medical professionals (which includes Allied Health Professionals) to take the pledge for their #NoTimeForGames campaign. We encourage you to get behind their campaign.