A herd of Physiosaurs celebrating the historic ballot outcome


The ballot has closed, the votes have been tallied up and the results are in…

Public Sector Allied Health Professionals have overwhelmingly voted to endorse the recently negotiated public sector enterprise agreement. A staggering 98.87% of voters said YES to the agreement while only 45 of 11,782 workers who will be covered by the agreement voted NO.

“To have such strong endorsement of this agreement is fantastic,” said Lead Organiser, Linda Jenkin.

“VAHPA members should be proud knowing that the work they have done, the time and money they have put in, is going to have a really positive impact on the lives of all Victorian AHPs and their patients.”

Next Steps
A signed copy of the agreement will now be lodged with the Commission in the next fortnight along with an application for approval and a number of other documents. The Commission will then seek to satisfy itself of certain things including that the process was proper, that the agreement was genuinely agreed to and that employees will be better off overall under the Agreement than under the Award.

Once the Commission has approved the agreement, it will issue a written decision with the approved Agreement. A copy will be sent to all the parties involved and will be published on the Fair Work Commission website. The Agreement will take effect seven days after approval is granted.