The Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC) is making a submission to the “Gender segregation in the workplace and its impacts on women’s economic equality” Senate enquiry.  This enquiry seeks to address issues such as underemployment, pay inequality and the impact of caring responsibilities on things such as work, career progression and pay.

“We know women are often expected to compromise their career progression when they return to work from Parental Leave,” said VAHPA Organiser Carly Bald. “We would like to see measures put in place to ensure women don’t have to choose between career and family.”

VAHPA is keen to hear from Members prepared to speak about any of the following recommendations:

  • Mandatory gender pay audits
  • Increased childcare subsidies
  • Creating incentives that encourage men to engage in Flexible Working Arrangements and take time out of the workforce for caring responsibilities
  • Including superannuation as part of the Government PPL scheme during both paid and unpaid Parental Leave
We must take an active stance on these important issues if we are to ensure our workplaces are fair and equal.

If you think you can assist, please contact Carly Bald on 1300 322 917 or via email