A REVIEW of therapy services at Peter Mac is prompting concern by health professionals throughout the public hospital sector. The review is examining how to address ‘external factors’ including the ‘aggressive growth taking place in the private sector’, changes to both federal and state government funding and renewals of satellite site agreements.

The Health Professionals Union is urgently scrutinising the review to ensure members are treated fairly and are fully consulted on any changes. The union is also mindful that what happens at Peter Mac could have flow-on effects throughout the sector and will keep all members informed of developments through a series of upcoming meetings of radiation therapists and other affected members.

“This ‘review’ is somewhat of a misnomer when it is clear that decisions have already been made by management. It is essential that staff who have been acting in roles, in some cases for years, are treated fairly and their career paths are respected,” said Craig McGregor, Secretary.

The review is being led by a Project Working Group which will make recommendations to a Steering Committee headed by Bob Thomas, CEO of Peter Mac. Also reporting to the Project Working Group are working groups on Research, Quality and Education.

So far the review has led to 25 separate recommendations including a change from the current ‘hub and spoke’ management model to a ‘networked’ model.  Some of the key staff changes that have been flagged as a result of this shift include the recruitment of a senior radiation oncologist and a radiation therapist as directors of the East Melbourne site. Other roles will be ‘devolved’ to other satellite sites or will not continue. The change will also result in staff in acting positions returning to their substantive roles.

“These are potentially major changes that could have a serious impact on staff who have made an enormous contribution to the hospital,” said Craig McGregor.

A meeting for members and health professionals interested in joining the union will be held next Tuesday 11 June at 12 noon, RT Seminar Room, Upper Ground Floor, Peter MacCallum, East Melbourne. For further information please contact Linda Jenkin –, Lead Organiser ph 1300 322 917.