Your new Enterprise Agreement takes effect TODAY, Friday 18 November – some common FAQs are below

Today marks a milestone in your employment protections: all new entitlements provided for under your new EA will take effect and are enforceable from today, Friday, 18 November 2022. 

We know many of you may have questions around the new EA – below are some clarifications around a few key provisions. If you have any questions on the below or other entitlements, please contact your Workplace Delegate(s) / Union Rep(s) in the first instance. You can also check the New Public Sector Agreement website for a summary of all conditions you have won.

Above all, this is your Agreement, and it is a groundbreaking Agreement, which will empower you to change the way you work for the collective welllbeing of all allied health professionals. It we stand up, speak out and get to work on its enforcement for the benefit of all members we will begin to pushback against the burnout endemic to our industry. 

Pay increases, back-pay & Lump-sum payments
We are working to ensure your health service processes your backdated wage increase as soon as possible. Allow a couple of pay cycles, but if you think your employer is taking too long, contact your Delegate so that we can follow up at your site.

Extra week of Annual Leave
Your extra week is back-dated to 7 July 2022 (accrued progressively from this date, not a lump sum). Allow a little time for this to be reflected in your balances, but if taking too long, contact your employer in first instance.

Long Service Leave
Access to pro-rata LSL after 8 years’ service starts on Friday. If you are entitled to it, you can request it. If your employer is not allowing you to access your LSL, contact your Delegate in the first instance – this is now part of your guaranteed conditions.

Superannuation on Parental Leave
Superannuation on all periods of parental leave (both paid and unpaid) is back dated to 7 July 2022. Do allow a little time for your employer’s to pay into the relevant fund.

Parental Leave
Paid parental leave increases by 4 weeks for the primary carer (an increase from 10 weeks to 14 weeks), and increases by 1 week for the non-primary carer (an increase from 1 week to 2 weeks).

The increase in paid parental leave will be backdated to 7 July 2022, when we secured a Memorandum of Understanding and reached an in-principle agreement. Depending on when you took your period of parental leave, you may or may not receive this backdated increase to your paid parental leave.

If you were on parental leave during the period 7 July 2022 to 18 November 2022 and would like to know whether you are entitled to the increased paid parental leave, please contact VAHPA and include the following information:

  • The approval documentation for your period of parental leave.
  • What date you commenced your parental leave period and what date it ended/is meant to end.
  • Whether you commenced long parental leave or short parental leave.
  • When you commenced your paid parental leave. 
  • Whether you took your paid parental leave at the time of birth or adoption.

In addition, your new EA ensures access to parental leave after 6 months’ continuous service, superannaution willl be payable on all periods of approved unpaid parental leave and approved unpaid parental leave will now count towards your continuous service when calculating your Long Service Leave.

Lead Apron Allowance
Also backdated to 7 July 2022. Allow a reasonable time-frame to back-pay, but if taking too long, contact your Workplace Delegate in first instance. With this allowance, if you are required as part of your usual duties, or even where not worn regularly or only periodically, you are entitled to this Allowance. The VHIA has agreed that where you were expected to wear it, you should not have to check if you have worn it on that day to be paid this Allowance.

Your new EA clearly defines that overtime worked must be paid, even if it is not authorised. This takes effect immediately. This includes any time worked beyond your ordinary working hours. You simply have to let your employer know you have worked it so that you can be paid it. We expect to get push back and your VAHPA Delegates and fellow union members will be crucial in how we challenge the workplace culture to ensure we all are properly paid for the work that we do.

Grade 1 to Grade 2 Progression (Current G1Y7 AHPs)
If you are currently at Grade 1 Year 7, subject to not being performance managed or not wanting to progress to Grade 2, you will become Grade 2 on Friday. If your employer is being unreasonable in delaying this, contact your Delegate.

Grade 1 to Grade 2 Progression (Current G1Y5 AHPs with 12 months service after Friday)

If you have 12 months service at Grade 1 Year 5 after Friday 18 Nov 2022, subject to not being performance managed or not wanting to go to Grade 2, you progress to Grade 2 when you reach 12 months service at Grade 1 Year 5.

Grade 1 Reclassification
If you are a Grade 1 doing on-call, night shifts and/or student supervision on a regular basis, our view is that you should most likely be reclassified to Grade 2 given your skills and experience. You do the work and by the new Agreement, you deserve to be recognised and remunerated for it.

The above is initial advice to members to provide guidance in the early days of the new Agreement’s implementation. We recognise you may have many questions over the coming weeks and your Union is on standby to assist. Please stay in contact with your delegates and fellow members. If you feel that there there are issues specific to your worksite or area, contact your Delegate or Union Rep so that we can hold a workplace meeting.

In Unity,

Amie, Josie, Kent, Lake & Sarah

Public Sector Organising Team

Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association (VAHPA)