The VHPA stands in strong opposition to the recent Medicare co-payment proposal.

“There are few countries in the world where the great majority can access a decent standard of healthcare irrespective of their financial position,” said VHPA Secretary Craig McGregor.

“Australians recognise that healthcare lies at the very heart of community. The last thing we want is a discriminatory healthcare system. It is well understood that user-pays system impact disproportionately on those with lower incomes.”

“And while $5 or $6 does not sound like much money, we need to be very aware that this is a thin edge of the wedge proposal.”

“We must reject this scheme and find other ways to fund this essential service.”

“I encourage all VHPA members to join us on Saturday in making our position clear.”

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Join the Melbourne Rally to Save Medicare

1pm Saturday 11 January @ The State Library