January has been a good month for the VHPA with 92 new members joining the Union over the period.

‘This is a terrific result for the membership and confirms that we are on the right track,’ notes VHPA Secretary Craig McGregor.

‘We decided very early on that we would not embark on a membership drive until we had laid a solid foundation for the Branch.’

‘We spent 2013 doing the hard yards and in early January we felt that the time was right to launch our long planned growth campaign.’ Concluded McGregor.


Of course significant growth does not come without significant effort. And while the VHPA Organising team is hard working and dedicated it is also small. Members will need to get involved if this campaign is to be as successful as we believe it can be.

Over the past week members will have received their new membership card. Each member will have also received a join form. Chances are you have friends and co-workers who are not yet enjoying the benefits of VHPA membership—let them know what they’re missing out on and ask them to join.

Our aim is to have every member recruit just one person to the organisation.

It’s time we started working together again!

It’s for us to reclaim our industrial strength!

Ask a friend to join the VHPA today!