Alarm bells have been ringing for staff at Melbourne Health after a change to the leave policy which limits the use statutory declarations as acceptable evidence of illness.

The Melbourne Health Enterprise Agreement, however, provides for no limitation on the use of statutory declarations and the VHPA expects this to be honoured.

We have clearly expressed our preference to resolve this issue with Melbourne Health management directly however, as this has proved unsuccessful, we are proceeding to a case before the Fair Work Commission.

This is not the first employer who has tried to implement stricter personal leave requirements tactic – a similar issue continues to be a problem for Health Professionals at Barwon Health.

Members at all workplaces should closely examine any restrictions on the use of personal leave in the context of their Enterprise Agreement and if you are in any doubt, please contact the Member Assist Helpline or phone 1300 322 917.

… and are you having payroll issues?

After 18 years of service at St Vincent’s Hospital, VHPA member Marilyn Kenny was made redundant on Friday 21 June.

She requested her separation package be paid into her superannuation account and was assured this would be done in July when payroll was next due to make super contributions.

However Marilyn still hadn’t received her separation payment nearly eight weeks later, despite repeated assurances from St Vincents HR that payroll had made the payment.

The VHPA has taken up the matter with St Vincents management. We are demanding an immediate resolution to this appalling delay for a former long-serving staff member who has been treated very shabbily.

If you are having any issues with the timeliness of your payroll, or if you are not be being paid correctly, please contact the Member Assist Helpline or phone 1300 322 917.